Nut Harvester

Give your back a break.
Get yourself a Nut Harvester

The NutHarvester is a time and labour saving tool, designed to pick up nuts without bending, stooping or kneeling.

How to use and empty

The Nut harvester is rolled over the ground, the spring wire opens and the nut pops into the cage without leaves or debris being picked up. Very little pressure is needed and it is easily operated by anyone between 6 and 96.

Included with each unit is an unloading bracket which fits onto most buckets or containers. When the cage is full (about 1kg) it is pushed over the bracket, allowing the nuts to fall into the container.

The Harvester is absolutely ideal for the large single tree, for the small grove or for the commercial grove where the trees have not reached their full potential.

What it is made of and used for

Made in the USA, this high quality, hand crafted tool is made of zinc coated steel, comes in two sizes and is ideal for gathering walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamias and chestnuts. It can also be used to collect golf and tennis balls.

Our comment

“We imported two units to use on our own small grove of 60 trees . We were so impressed with the Nut harvester, gathering 700kg without bending or kneeling, that we decided to import and market them in New Zealand.” Alan and Carolyn Rosling.


"Harvester works well and saves time and knees.  Very impressed. Take care" - Brian (Hazelnuts)

"Arrived safely delivered today and text back from my friend this afternoon with a photo  of the Nut Harvester in use saying "Late harvest collected in about 5 minutes". Jolly brilliant" - Lynne (Walnuts)

11 Inch Small Harvester

Recommended for Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Acorns, Gevuina.

Price $175.00 (GST Inclusive)
+ Postage of $30 Nationwide

14 Inch Medium Harvester

Recommended for Walnuts, Macadamias, Chestnuts, Almonds, Pecans.

Price $175.00 (GST Inclusive)
+ Postage of $30 Nationwide

16 Inch Large

Recommended for Walnuts and Chestnuts

Price $175.00 (GST Inclusive)

Apple and Fruit Harvester

For harvesting off the ground under trees - Apples, plums, citrus fruit

Price $175.00 (GST Inclusive)
+ Postage of $30 Nationwide