“It certainly has been happy harvesting . . . I took the NutHarvesters out for a spin this past weekend.  I only have one tree dropping nuts at the moment and it was a fantastic job to do with the harvester.  Magic!  I will write a note for the Macadamia Nut Society magazine about how well these worked for me.”
Megan, Auckland (Macadamias)

“We purchased a nut harvester off you in January which we have found invaluable when harvesting our hazelnuts this season.”
Glynes, Palmerston North (Hazelnuts)

“Thank you so much. It is brilliant and so simple”
Helen, Bulls

“I am the proud owner of a NutHarvester gifted to me at Christmas. It will be great, however it is already excellent for gathering aborted green walnuts - so I can cut a clear lawn.”
Alwyn (Walnuts)

“Thanks. They certainly save our backs – no bending”
Jim, Karapiro (Walnuts)

“We got the information about the NutHarvester you're using with the current issue of Health in a Shell and then I had the chance to try it out at the Christchurch Show - I was duly impressed as were the people who'd crept up behind me to watch. I'm sure your import venture will be very successful.  We'd like to order a couple of the Nutharvesters from you.”
Stephen, Rakaia (Hazelnuts and Walnuts)

“Thank goodness for this ingenious “broom”. Thank you for importing these things.”
Karen, Ashburton (Chestnuts)

“I have recently had a back operation and wondered how I am going to manage picking up the nuts. You’ve saved the day.”
Joanne, Wakefield (Walnuts)

“The NutHarvester  is working like a charm. Even our 5 year old grandson uses it. Actually , he and his friend – also 5 – took turns, so Granny was left picking up nuts either bent over or on hands and knees. Perhaps we need to have another one next year.”
Judy, Alexandra (Walnuts)

“I got one of these for my Mother to collect Acorns from her lawn and to stop them seeding down. It is working excellently and she is really pleased with it.”
Peter, Leeston(Acorns)

“Oh! What a wonderful invention”
Sandy, Waverley (Walnuts)

“I’m absolutely delighted with it. Nuts just seem to leap into the cage. Perhaps I’ll get over the novelty of it, but meanwhile I find myself harvesting at least twice a day!”
Michael, Oamaru (Walnuts)

“An interesting invention indeed. It arrived safely and I am looking forward to not having a sore back
Richard, Lyttelton (Walnuts)”

“Received the harvesters on the 29th September. Have given them a test drive with some old walnuts we had, works a treat. I am impressed with the quality and simplicity of the units. They will definitely save the aching back.”
Peter, Feilding