Hand Cranked Nutcracker 

The Lourdan NutCracker is manufactured in New Zealand from oven-baked powder-coated steel plate. The heavy duty design uses 3mm crushing plates and is suitable for cracking various nut sizes and strengths, particularly walnuts, hazelnuts and soft shelled almonds. The NutCracker can process up to 25kg per hour with little effort.

The NutCracker works by trapping and cracking the nut between the hand-cracked revolving crushing plate and the fixed plate. The NutCracker is supplied with a number of spacers held on the shaft by a linchpin. By removing or adding the spacers, the distance between the two crushing plates can be adjusted for the size of the nut being cracked. Two thinner spacers are supplied for a finer adjustment if required.

The NutCracker required minimal maintenance with only a small amount of oil required occasionally to the shaft.


"Alan, the cracker arrived and is excellent. Awesome. THANKS!" - Maddy and Peter

"Have received the Nutcracker and pleased to report it works just fine for the small gevuina nuts, roasted first." - Steve

Price $575 (GST Inclusive)
+ $25 freight Nationwide